About us

About us

The company group, founded in 1963, is specialised in the sector of wastewater/ sewage treatment and environment technologies. With a team of more than 250 colleagues and 4 production companies, the company group has manufactured more than 1,000 modern wastewater treatment plants as well as several thousand individual plants. They are all located in Germany and abroad.

Our product range also includes landfill technologies, drinking-water treatment plants, UV plants, rain water treatment plants, sludge treatment. Furthermore, we offer engineering services as well as construction works and operational support in case of trendsetting and environmental technologies (e.g. biogas/ bio energy).

UWA Anlagenbau

Wastewater/ Sewage innovations – Environmental innovations

Abwasser- und Umwelt-Innovation

Thanks to a close cooperation with municipalities and industries, we can constantly integrate innovations and improvements into our research and development activities. Consequently, numerous innovations and patents e.g. in the sector of wastewater/ sewage treatment are generated. Some of these innovations are the advanced phosphate adsorption, flocculation filtration units, sludge drying devices, operating data logging programs as well as the elimination of bacteria (disinfection).

The operation of our plants is highly efficient, reliable and safe due to the numerous wastewater/ sewage treatment plants in Germany and abroad. Furthermore, we guarantee low energy costs and a long service life.

Of course, we are pleased to give you more information on our references in Germany and abroad.

Our successful production programs:

  • Plant engineering and construction
  • Machinery and electric equipment for wastewater/ sewage treatment plants
  • Process control systems
  • Landfill technologies
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Rain water treatment
  • Membrane technologies
  • CHP for biogas plants
  • UV systems

Professional environment protection

Umweltschutz durch Expertenhand

Environment protection means clean and pure water. It is essential and vital to protect our waters. The sensitive balance of our nature depends on numerous factors.

By implementing innovative technologies, we can solve the problems of contaminated water or gas.

The trust in our technology is confirmed by over 1,000 plants constructed by UWA.

We offer you individual technologies in case of specific problems.

Customised technologies

We satisfy these high requirements by means of state-of-the-art constructions in our works in Minden, Germany. 

Each plant component is manufactured on a customised basis. Consequently, all plant requirements are fulfilled. In-house quality controls as well as a continuing education programs for our staff ensure a high level of reliability of our products.

Modifications can be realised immediately by means of up-to-date CAD constructions and trained staff. Individual solutions can be implemented more rapidly thanks to the consolidated departments of research, construction and production.

State-of-the-art technology from one source

Für jedes Problem eine maßgeschneiderte Technik

Scenic integration of an optimised technology.

The seepage water treatment plant of the landfill Pohlsche Heide in Germany shows the success of cooperational design of high-technology wastewater/ sewage treatment plants.

Orders are executed on-time as well as on a cost-effective and professional basis.

Our approved technology offers a wide range of applications.  More than 1,000 wastewater/ sewage treatment plants are constructed by UWA in Germany and abroad. These references demonstrate a worldwide success and accuracy of our company concepts.

Quality Management


A high level of quality is guaranteed in terms of our wastewater/ sewage treatment plants by means of constant training and permanent self-monitoring. 

UWA possesses numerous qualifications and approvals requested in the sector of wastewater/ sewage treatment.

  • Certificate DVS ZERT e.V. DIN ISO 9001
  • Certificate class D DIN 18800-7
  • Certificate class C DIN 4113-3
  • Certified welding company
  • DVGW approval document W1
  • Specialised company  according to WHG § 19
  • B II approval document for construction sites (Baustellenzulassung) according to DIN 1045 with in-house testing centre for electronics
  • Approval for quality protection: channel/sewer construction A1; A2

Trend-setting technologies and solutions for wastewater/ sewage and environment

Zukunftsweisende Ideen und Problemlösungen für Abwasser- und Umwelttechnik

The entire UWA program ranges from engineering/ planning services, analyses and capacity optimisation to individual turn-key plant construction services.

UWA offers a 24-hour service and guarantees a reliable supply of spare parts even beyond the warranty period.

UWA is a reliable, experienced partner possessing numerous reference objects in Germany and abroad.

Take advantage of our know-how in terms of wastewater/ sewage treatment. We would be pleased to inform you about our products or respectively submit you an offer.