Biogas plants

Turnkey biogas plants from one source –
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A reliable energy supply for a capable and productive societycan be ensured considerably by means of natural resources (renewable raw materials) provided by a modern agriculture. Biogas plants can produce the high-quality medium “biogas” by using agricultural materials such as e.g. slurry/ liquid manure. Afterwards, biogas can be generated to usable energy sources such as electric power and heat.

Based on decades of experience in terms of sludge treatment, UWA has developed a modular system (type plants) guaranteeing an optimal gas and energy production for all purposes.

Our plant technology especially features the following items:

  • Mixing of solids (e.g. renewable materials/NaWaRo) and liquids (liquid manure/ slurry).
  • Substrate feeding with a defined TS content (dry substrate) and a defined viscosity via a mixing screw conveyor in combination with a recirculating pump (the strain on the agitator in the fermenter is reduced)
  • High-capacity fermenters made of reinforced concrete, equipped with an agitator centrally mounted on the roof (increased recirculation by producing a vertical circulation flow within the tank)
  • The inner wall of the tank is protected against corrosion in the gas-touched head space by means of PE-HD plates embedded in concrete (protection against biogenic sulphuric acid)
  • Effective construction design of the agitator technology in order to avoid oversizing (lower energy demand of the plant)
  • Heat input by means of an external heat exchanger (easy access in case of maintenance and repair works)
  • A separate, pressureless gasholder in a weatherproof steel housing, including lightning arresters
  • All fitting groups, balustrades, platforms and ladders are made of stainless steel

In cooperation with Windhoff Wassertechnik (Bereich Gastechnik), member of our company group, we design and construct customised turnkey biogas plants and put them into operation. We would be pleased to submit you an offer indicating the expected profits and all state subsidies.