Aeration Systems


UWA - Oxyclean-D

After finishing test phases and quality controls, UWA continuously integrates innovations and new process technologies in the manufacturing process. Thus, UWA guarantees the supply of mechanically harmonised and economically working wastewater/ sewage treatment plants. The high level is ensured by using high-quality materials guaranteeing the best processing. Due to the further development of the aeration system Oxyclean D, the hose aeration system Oxystar as well as the newly designed guidance device type Oxystar patent, UWA offers a modular construction system complying with the highest requirements concerning modern, economic aeration systems.

The UWA aeration system can be adjusted to all new and existing basin systems.

The main advantages offered are as follows:

  • Ideal control and regulation
  • Low operating costs
  • Optimal clarification performance
  • Highest oxygen input values
  • Easy removal and maintenance under operational conditions without an expensive emptying of
     the basin/tank

The design of our aeration systems allows the separation of aeration and circulation in two units. The aeration grids can be maintained during the operation process. An emptying of the tank is not required.

Oxystar and Oxystar-PATENT

Oxystar tube aerators for fine bubble aeration systems.

Oxystar und Oxystar-PATENT

The Oxystar tube aerator consists of a PE supporting pipe with threated joint and a perforated membrane made of EPDM or silicone. An optimal and even air distribution is effected by means of specifically formed air ducts mounted on the entire length of the supporting tube. Retrofittings or modifications of the existing plant are possible at any time.

The Oxystar Patent consisting of a guidance system and a lifting device enables an adequate air supply and guidance of the grid in one step.

Advantages of these plants:

  • Nitrification and denitrification by means of intermitted aeration
  • No clogging of the aerators
  • High resistance of all materials against aggressive media
  • No lifting, overflow/flooding facility of aerator
  • Easy assembly thanks to threated joint G 3/4"

Option: The aerators can be delivered with membranes made of EPDM or silicone.


Oxystar und Oxystar-PATENT

UWA designed this new guiding and lifting device for aeration systems. It features key advantages towards former installations. The engineering is based on a functional integration of a special slide shoe in combination with a guide tube and a plate connection.

Combined rake bridges

UWA - Kombibrücken

UWA combined bridges are particularly designed for circular tanks with internal secondary treatment and an external aeration. The bridge is constructed as a solid structure with centre position and running gear. 

The bridge is made of stainless steel, aluminium or galvanised steel. The submersible components are made of stainless steel.

Our aeration systems are installed in the aeration tank while a driving agitator eliminates sedimentation layers. A separation of nitrification and denitrification can be realised in one tank thanks to the arrangement of the aerators in an intensive aeration zone.

Aeration system

UWA - Belüftung

All construction designs of UWA aeration systems meet the highest requirements of DIN 19559, especially in terms of load and material requirements. A new process technological innovation is the hose aerator type Oxystar guaranteeing an optimal air distribution as well as a reliable and easy mounting in a non-lifting version. The newly designed Oxystar-PATENT enables a united installation of guide tube and down pipe. This advantage ensures an easy removal and maintenance during the operation process. These aeration systems can be installed in rectangular (longitudinal) or circular tanks.

The aeration systems are adjusted to the individual requirements.

UWA aeration systems guarantee as follows:

  • Low operating costs
  • Highest service life
  • Low maintenance
  • Optimal, operational precision
  • State-of-the-art technology

The aerators can be delivered in the following lengths: 0.50 - 2.00 m.

Besides the threated joint, we can also provide clamping connections.