Turnkey wastewater / sewage treatment plants

Turnkey wastewater/ sewage treatment plants

Turnkey wastewater/ sewage treatment plants constructed by UWA – You should take advantage of it.

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Why should you take advantage of UWA services?

  • More than 30 years of experience in the field of turnkey wastewater/ sewage treatment plants. Our services range from plant engineering, construction, mechanical technology up to electrotechnology.
  • Adjustment of all process technological conditions in the field of EMSR and structural engineering.
  • Modern equipment by using new processing technologies.
  • In-house coordination of all adjustments and requirements in the field of mechanical and structural technologies as well as electrotechnologies. All sections are engineered and realised by UWA.
  • Utilisation of our own formwork systems.
  • In-house concrete testing laboratory.

In case of cooperation with UWA you will gain significant cost and time advantages thanks to these features as well as the integration of the latest process technologies.