UV technology

Modular UV system manufactured by UWA

UV Technonolgy

The modular design of our UV systems enables a reliable treatment of used water to ultra-pure industrial and drinking water by means of the disinfecting function of UV light. This system is highly effective in eliminating the harmful impacts of germs (bacteria and viruses) on natural waters in compliance with the latest expertise and requirements (e.g. EU Bathing Water Regulations).

Flexible UV systems due to multi-stage arrangement

Nearly every media can be treated to a reusable, hygienic source for numerous purposes and processes (e.g. rinse water, flushing water, industrial water, irrigation systems) by means of a self-contained, multi-stage arrangement. The food industry as well as the chemicals industry are particularly rely on a media providing the highest standard of purity and quality. This is a sector in which our UV systems render excellent and valuable services.

Our UV systems are available in all sizes and performance classes. We provide systems incorporating the proven UV-C low pressure lamps, modern and high-performance UV-C lamps (wave lengths of 254 nm) featuring amalgam or mercury tempering at approx. 41 % pure UV-C radiation yield.

Our product line ranges from standard models to customised systems as well as designs in stainless steel, titanium etc.

UV systems manufactured by UWA meet the requirements of all purposes (e.g. trains, airplanes, vehicles, swimming pools, fish farming, weekend houses, hotel trade, artificial snow production etc.) thanks to their flexible construction designs including intelligent control systems. UV light is instantly available as a reliable disinfectant. Its volume can be adjusted by dimming the tube lamps according to the specific requirements. In addition, the production of UV light is environmental-friendly with a complete absence of residual substances.

Advantages of our UV systems:

  • UV disinfection is reliable, highly efficient and the most innovative of all methods.
  • UV systems operate on a natural basis (sunlight).
  • The use of chemicals (e.g. chlorine) is not needed.
  • No negative changes of the water in terms of taste or aroma.
  • No harmful by-products are formed.
  • Bacteria and viruses are effectively killed or their growth is inhibited.
  • Modular system designs on multi-stage principles in order to optimise the operating costs.
  • Minimum space requirements combined with a maximum variability.
  • Fully electronic operation, indication of maintenance and service information.
  • Research and development/ engineering, production, assembly and sale from one source.

In combination with our ozone systems and grit filters, even residual antibiotics are effectively removed from the water.